Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thanks London Flash Platform User Group!

6:45pm, last thursday my coleague Daniel Todd and me took a taxi to Old Street as the first London Flash Platform User Group was about to start.
We arrived just on time to a pub called Play for the first presentation given by Stefan Richter where for one hour he showed us the power of the Flash Media Server, the newest edition of the Flash Communication Server which has multi-user capabilities among many other cool features.
After the usual 15 minutes break, the second presentation came from Stuart Eccles who introduced us to the beautiful world of Ruby On Rails, a very intersting back end technology which its language seems to be very practical and easy to learn.
I had a great time and I think the organiser did very well.
Apart from that I would like to give a big thanks not only for the great presentations but because I was one of the lucky people who won a prize!
I started already reading Object Oriented Actionscript and so far seems to be one of the best books ever written about OOP and AS2 (if not the best!)
Thanks again!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Multimedia Developer

Why am I not a Rich Media Developer?
Multimedia sounds a bit old fashioned for me and is because back in the nineties I was working in a computer shop and the term Multimedia meant that the computer had CD-Rom, sound card with speakers and microphone...
That was really long ago. But that's my position at the same company I did the internship during 4 months this year, Multimedia Developer.
In their words I am a "Maquetiste", a french term that means "the one who does graphics, code and flash" and that is exactly what I've been doing for almost 5 months now but is just from this month that I started as a permanent employee.
Big projects, big clients, Im having a really big time.