Sunday, April 08, 2007

Testing yourminis widgets

I'm just testing how the youminis widgets engine works.
I must say it was easy to put a widget on the blog, I just selected the widget and chose "copy to web", a blogger icon appeared and I was asked my gmail address and password, pressed copy it! and there you go:

For more widgets please visit

That was really simple.
Of course there where many more options, like Hi5, mySpace, Typepad and many more.
yourminis has lots of potential, specially because they are cross platform in any sense, not only due to the nature of their platform, Flash, that we know can be seen in any browser in any operative system that has the plug-in, but because they can be downloaded to the desktop thanks to Adobe Apollo alpha.
Yeah, any widget in yourminis can be downloaded to the desktop. I think is fantastic!