Sunday, December 11, 2011

Widget: iClock

More than 3 years ago I decided to move from developing small applications and left the 'widgetsphere' to focus more in the casual games industry. I created Games-Garden, a facebook app and a bunch of games.
These days my mode has changed a bit and I don't feel like spending all of my spare time creating games which might be played only a few thousand times. The competition is too big and there are lots of 'pirates' stealing games (specially from China) which is not fun at all.
So, I've decided to go back to create these small apps known as widgets. The first one I'm releasing is this iClock. Similar to the Digital Time and Date widget that I created more than 5 years ago, which by the way it has been cloned many times already, the iClock shows the time in a 12 hours format and as well it shows the date when moving your mouse over the small calendar icon which shows the day. The graphics obviously have a big influence from the iDevices and so far it looks like people like it. What do you think?

Personally I think is nice :)
I had the idea of creating a similar widget many years ago when at my previous job I worked on a countdown and these days the idea came back after my current task at work includes a copy of that old countdown. So yeah, it looks like everything is a remix... :D