Monday, July 24, 2006

Flash Spanish-Polish Application

I was asked today by a colleague what was I doing appart from work and I told him that the old days as a freelancer are over!
After 7 years doing it, I don't really want to continue doing freelance jobs, but as I still manage to have a couple of spare hours every weeks, I am actually working on four projects:
- 3 games
- a Spanish-Polish application
Everything is for fun and for learning purposes only and that's why the projects are going very slow...
I won't talk about the games yet, but the Spanish-Polish application so far is going as follows:

Splash Page

Main Menu

Selected Section

The main idea comes from an old application I did to help my girlfriend with her first Spanish words; this time is to help myself (and others) on Polish-Spanish studies.

Let's see how it goes...