Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Widget: Featured Games

Back in business! :)

Killing 2 birds with the same stone I've created this widget called "Featured Games" which pulls .xml data from Games Garden, parses it and shows it as an "iTunes" like widget.

What are these Featured Games anyway?
well, almost everyday I add a couple of new games to Games Garden and PHP creates the .xml for this so to be honest the widget should be called "Games Garden Latest Games" but... you know... a bit of marketing ;)
The games added are hand picked so only the best games make it to Games Garden and therefore to the widget.
The widget shows the game name and a game icon which you can double click to go to Games Garden and play that specific game, otherwise just click on the "Play Game" button that does the same trick (gets you to play the game).

Just if in case anyone is interested...
What's going on in my life?
well, since I opened Games Garden I've been extremely busy learning PHP & MySQL, making more flash games (I'll speak about them later) and learning Flex (expect my first Flex widget soon!)

Anyway, give Featured Games a go, play some games and if you like the widget, add it to your site ;)