Wednesday, January 24, 2007

web widgets on the widgipedia

Some days ago, widgipedia announced the opening of their new section: web widgets.
We have promised that we'd create the ultimate widgets resource, so today we've taken one step closer to this goal by merging the two worlds: desktop widgets AND web widgets are all together at Widgipedia.
as some of my web widgets were not compatible with widgetbox, I gave them a try on widgipedia and luckily for me they all work like a charm!
So far I have uploaded three of them:

- Add to bloglines flash button
- Add to delicious flash button
- Add to netvibes flash button

So, if you are looking for some cool web widgets, you can also visit the widgipedia and if you have any request, comment, suggestion, idea, etc. I'm happy to read it.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Desktop widget: CPU usage

I need feedback on one of my latest desktop widgets.
This standalone desktop widget for windows doesn't require installation. The following description is taking from the widgipedia where the widget is hosted:
Bars and numbers showing the percentage of your CPU Usage. No installation needed. Stays on top of all other windows allowing you to see the resources request from different applications. Press Esc key to close it.
One person has left his feedback saying it doesn't work; so please if you can try it and leave comments about it either here or on its webpage telling me whether it works or not, would be really appreciated.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

widgets: yeah, I changed my mind...

more than a month ago, I wrote "My widgets on widgetbox" where I said I wouldn't write about my widgets on this blog anymore.

Well, actually I changed my mind as I have decided to continue writing about them and is because of many reasons:
- Feedback: I can get feedback, comments, suggestions and requests
- QA: To test them and to see how they look like when published on a blog
- Incompatibility: Some of the widgets I've done or updated are not compatible with widgetbox
- Promotion: I want my widgets to be used by other people so I need to let people know about them
- Personal: To use my blog :P (writing is a good habit and specially for me as English is not my mother tongue...)

so, to catch up I will write a short list of the web widgets I've done and I haven't mentioned here:
- Mini hotlist: shows hotlist from the homepage
- Flash Date Calendar: simple flash calendar with digital clock
- Firefox Digital Clock: firefox download counter and digital clock
- Digital Time and Date: simple digital clock and date (74 subscriptions so far)
- Flash web counter: website visits counter (123 subscriptions so far)

So far, I have submited 9 web widgets to widgetbox and all of them are doing well; I have many more ideas but haven't got the time but from now on, I will continue writing about them here on my blog.


Monday, January 08, 2007


The other day I had a bit of spare time and while working on my Firefox-Calendar desktop widget, I managed to update my hi5 account.
At last! after many times trying to open the buggy website I could use the old "features" and check the new ones.
One of the things that I liked is that you can use flash now and as a test I put my Flash Skype Status button on it.
I don't know why in Latin America hi5 is so popular, many people preffers it rather than mySpace for instance and my sister is one of them, who is always sending me messages from it; but one of the things I don't like is that kind of force you to start a blog as many other websites do nowadays and I find useless to start blogs that I won't be able to update and will be there left dusty and rusty...

Anyway, for me having emigrated so far, hi5 is a good way to see how my relatives are doing as I haven't seen some of them for almost 5 years...

ok, time to go home :)


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

2006 has gone. Was actually a very good year for me. It was exactly a year ago that I started blogging again.
Apart from the changes on my personal life, last year on this blog I wrote 66 posts that makes an average of 5.5 posts per month and 62 comments from my visitors, I started the year posting about my games and finished talking about my widgets.
Yeah, definitely a good year.
Now let's see what 2007 brings.

Happy New Year to all of you!