Sunday, March 25, 2007

My first alpha Apollo alpha app


as Adobe Apollo is still alpha, it lacks many things including support for html-flash based applications in some specific areas.
Seems like this first release targets mainly Flex developers as it has much more support for Flex applications, for instance dragging, closing, maximising applications, etc.
Therefore, as is coming from a Flash movie, my first application is in alpha stage but as I still find it pretty cool, I'm releasing it.
It doesn't have a close button so you would need to press Alt+F4 to close it or right click on the taskbar and select "close"

You would need the Apollo Runtime to be able to run this application.
Description: Ants running on your desktop that interact with your mouse. You can still use all other applications while this one is running.

Any feedback is very welcomed!


Daniel said...

Very nice :)

Jeremy Suriel said...

nice blog ernesto. i've checked out your widgets on widgetbox and think they would be great on the yourminis platform. We recently released the yourminis API ( ) that allows you to wrap your flash widgets in our container and deploy anywhere, including the desktop (with the power of Apollo). Once you publish your widget into our community, you instantly can take advantage of the distribution of our online widget gallery ( ), and the monitoring/reporting capabilities using built-in, real-time analytics! Check out our blog with more info on the latest release:

also, looks like someone added your blog to our blog widget directory: