Thursday, June 07, 2007

London Adobe Live: Developer Event

PICT0015, originally uploaded by Ernesto Quezada.

Daniel Dura, from Adobe, opens the Adobe Live Developer event in London, two days ago.

I heard they were expecting 1700 people for this event but not even half of them turned up, Mike Jones said it might have been due to the nice weather we had that day (not usual in London...) and because most of the people were working at that time... Some people forgot about it (hi Mike!), some people turned up later (how's going Tink?), some people left early (hey Dan Todd!)...

I think we have heard already many things that were said during that event, either in the London Flash Platform User Group meetings or from any blog in the MXNA (for example), or in any other presentation; although is always good to go to these sort of events to refresh your mind and FEED your IMAGINATION! as their slogan goes.

After almost 10 hours and many different presentations, we were given all the beers and food they had ready for these 1700 people; imagine being there with all these cool guys (Richard, Carlos, Elmer, etc) of course I got drunk and went home with some pictures, 30 minutes of video and a big smile :)


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