Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flash Games Contest: 5th place

Gaia - Guess Who?
To be honest I was a bit too positive about this one and I was expecting to get one of the first 3 prizes, however, there were 200+ games and many of them were really good, so 5th place is not bad at all ;)

The contest: MochiAds & Gaia Online - Become a Rock Star.

Actually there were two categories:
- Rock Star Winners
- Gaia Audience Prizes

and my game Gaia - Guess Who? won the 5th place of the Gaia Audience Prizes category.

I must say my game Gaia - Guess Who? is not the best but I was positive because I actually participated with 3 games altogether:
- Gaia - Guess Who?
- Save the Ants
- Pawel & the Teutonic Castle
Anyway, I'm really happy I've won a prize on this contest :)

For more info check out the "Become a Rock Star" Flash Game Contest winners' page.


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