Thursday, June 05, 2008

Games Garden public beta release


Games Garden, has finally opened to the public after a week of private beta testing.
The website is still in beta so expect some minor bugs and take into account that some components will eventually be moved around; the casual games portal will be adding more and more features these coming days including free downloadable games and widgets.

Quoting from the site:
Welcome to Games Garden, a games portal which offers you the latest games that you can play, share, and bookmark for whenever you feel like taking a break and have some fun!

At the moment you don't need to register to play as any new visitor has 200 tokens which is enough to play many of their games :)
All the games are powered by MochiAds, meaning, are completely free to play and are good quality "sponsored" games.
Thanks to MochiAds, games developers are getting some extra cash from their work and effort which is helping the games developers community to grow up producing better quality games as they are now able to afford different tools to improve them.

If you want to know more about what Games Garden has to offer, check out the ABOUT US section.


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