Sunday, August 07, 2011

Flash Games Event: Mochi London 2011

Mochi London 2011
Mochi London 2011 is a FREE 2-day Flash games event taking place on August 27th-28th, 2011 in central London.

It has been brought to you by members of the Mochi Media community, Mochi London will bring local and international people together to share insights and experiences about the Flash games market. We're calling at:

  • Flash game developers
  • Flash game artists and designers
  • Flash game publishers
Whether you live or work in England or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, or even elsewhere in Europe, this event will be well worth the trip. Mochi community members Chris Jeffrey (ChrisJeff) and myself are organizing the event, with support provided by Mochi Media.

Come and join us! it will rock!
The speakers include:
  • Iain Lobb (freelance Flash / ActionScript developer)
  • Stuart Allen (developer of Gravitee Wars)
  • Martine Spaans (Ubisoft, formerly of SPIL Games)
  • Michael Hudson (ActionScript developer, CodeHeads)
  • Merlin Gore (Flash developer,
  • Mike Jones (Platform Evangelist, Adobe Systems)
Don't forget to register and find out more at the Registration Page.