Monday, April 24, 2006

and now javascript issues...

As you might know, with the last update of windows xp there was an update to its "popular" browser InternetExplorer. These "critical" update instaled in all our computers something that stops any active content to be enabled when it loads.
What does it mean?
well, for instance if any person using internet explorer wants to navigate my website, they will not notice the "rollOver animations" that took me time to prepare and create and if they want to go to any specific section, they will click on it but nothing will happen!
The first click only activates the movie, so they have to click again if they want to go to that section... that is really anoying and it affects the users experience.

Flash developers to the rescue!
on kirupa, there is a great tutorial on how to avoid that issue using a technic created by Geoff Stearns which it was called FlashObject.

Adobe goes paranoic!
Adobe wrote an email to Geoff telling him that he SHOULD change the name of his technic due to legal issues with the name Flash. Now is called SWFObject.
Im wondering if one day they will come and ask us, people at, to change our name... maybe Im being ironic though...

SWFObject update!
and few minutes ago, Geoff released the latest update of his SWFObject. But there is still one thing that concerns me and is what happened today in the office:
- what about if the client has disabled the javascript in his/her browser?
that is not my fault! hehe



chespi said...

Why get problem with developers?
I can't understand whats adobe looking for.

Bruno said...

I dont understand Adobe's legal people either...
But I wouldnt say is Adobe in general, I think they are cool, is just the legal department that got paranoic.
As if it will affect them if something is called this or that... their products are the best on the market, they shouldnt say anything