Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Apple Boot Camp

my mate Mike from thatBlokeMike have just posted this info in the flashGroup forums and I think are quite interesting news.
CUPERTINO, California—April 5, 2006—Apple® today introduced Boot Camp, public beta software that enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP.
So the idea is that the hard drive will have two partitions, one will run the MacOS Leopard (next MacOS X release) and the other will run WinXP.

As Mike said:
"cant beat em join em"...
This is great, because so many people are opening eyes to advantages of both
more info from apple here.

Well, I think will be a good time to aquire the Mac I always dream of having



thatblokemike said...

"i think its a good time to get a mac"

thats it buddy, you know you want to


Bruno said...

I do! but I bought a laptop not long ago (PC though) so I need to get rid of my old PC (desktop) and get my hands into an apple!
Uh! Temptation!