Sunday, October 29, 2006

LFPUG October meeting

"Waste your time, but don't waste your money"
2 or 3 am?
Elmer Zinkhan was telling me that when I was jumping on the bus that took me home from the Angel shoping center where Tink, Carolina, Elmer, Mike and me had the last beers of the night...

This time, for the London Flash Platform Users Group meeting, me and my colleague Simon Lebatteux took a bus from Holborn station and in 10 minutes or so, we were at the Bear, a pub close to farringdon station where Tink and Rob Bateman were getting ready for their presentations.

One beer later (about 20 minutes or so...), Rob started his great presentation about "Optimizing Visual Interfaces for the Human Brain"where he explained us the way that the brain understand what the eyes see and the way the eyes tend to see the things, ignoring things that don't find interesting and focusing on what it's important...
We are still talking about this presentation at work with the colleagues as we really enjoyed it.

Two beers later and after some funny exercises from Rob, Tink started his presentation on "Flex 2 for flash developers", showing us how easy is to do some of the things that in flash actionscript 3 would takes us good couple of hours to do. In a line of MXML code is possible to do something that in AS3 takes 15 or more lines, so less code, less time and very robust applications can be done using flex.
MXML seems to be a very easy language to learn as at the end of the day is only XML (but on esteroids), altough Tink told us that we would still need to know AS3 to do the things...
Maybe one of these days I will start playing a bit with this Flex 2 and MXML

After the presentations, two pubs, some beers, rain and a very nice chat with the guys, I went back home with a big smile on my face (without smoking anything special!)

Cheers mates! and see you next month ;)

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