Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wallop - flash power on our hands


first of, thanks Dan Todd for inviting me to wallop!
although, I don't know if is something good or if is the new devil's tool to keep me in front of the computer for longer...
Something odd is that this great Flash application is being developed by microsoft! and in some of their pages they are using php as a backend technology!
how come?
if they own asp!
if they don't like flash and they are creating a "flash rival"!
well, anyway, seems like Wallop is the new killer app that reunites your blog, your pictures, your friends, network, music and so many other things...
goodbye mySpace!
with its beautiful interface, nice animations, great features, Wallop is here to stay and we, flash developers, have to take advantage on the big chance we have as we can become mods creators and sell our flash applications to the Wallop users, that for sure, soon will be millions!
Well people, I'm off to continue playing with Wallop, and if anyone out there wants an invitation, just leave a comment here with your email address



Ernesto said...

invites sent to Daniel Fernandez, Sebastian Recabarren, Sergio Alvarez and Ewa Dorobek
Still have three left today, tomorrow I will have 7 more I guess...

Anonymous said...

Could I get an invite? I found you on the designer.wallop.com forum. My email address can also be found at the forum membership list.
Jerry Hamby

Ernesto said...

an invite has been sent to your email Jerry.
Some people have told me the invites are coming to their spam inbox, so please be aware.
More invites were sent to Moyart and to Simon Lebatteux :)
The more I spend time on Wallop the more I love it!


chespio said...

tanks!, really! pinche wei!!!
wallop is a great way to spend time!

I hope see Ernesto's mods very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hola Acreonte
lei tu post en cristalab y me intereso, me gustaria mucho conocer este nuevo servicio, aun tienes invitaciones, si aun tienes escribema a webmaster@rendenvouz.net
bye, un saludo

Ernesto said...

Enviada rendenvous ;)

Victor said...

Hola que tal, me gustaria recibir de ser posible una invitacion para wallop soy desarrollador de flash y seria interesante darle una checada a este proyecto. De antemano gracias my correo es celsiux (@) gmail.com

David said...

please invite me for te wallop!
my email: dmbbrites@hotmail.com

p.s.: i'm from portugal!

Ernesto said...

David, your invite has been sent.

BTW, the invites I'm able to send are for the members wallop site only and not for the flash developers site.
If you want to have a developers account, please follow this link:


Paco said...

Si te quedan invitaciones para Wallop
¿Me podrias mandar una invitacion por favor?
Manda a franciscojoseguzman(arroba)hotmail(punto)com
Muchas gracias de antemano.

Ernesto said...

Invitacion enviada Paco ;)

Israel said...

Hi Ernesto, Could I get an invite?, sera que te quede alguna invitacion para wallop, te lo agradeceria mucho, por cierto un saludo, y excelente blog.mi email es ibagundo@hotmail.com, Israel Bagundo.

Ernesto said...

Invitacion enviada Israel.


Anonymous said...

Hola, me podrias mandar una invitacion a wallop por favor??? mi correo es arielgn@gmail.com

Rolando said...

Hola, me podrias enviar una invitacion porfavor
te lo agradezco de antemano

javamac10 said...

That sounds awesome! I think they have a great idea about invitations like gmail. Its a great way to stir up the community... can you send me and invite? jlkempf3@bsu.edu


Mingle said...

you should check Mingle wich is somehow similiar to Wallop… a social network 100% in flash...also works by invitation that you can ask in the site...

Anonymous said...

hola que tal! me podris invitar a wallop mi correo es c_jothan_gz@hotmail.com de antemano gracias

sfllaw said...

Would you mind sending me an invitation, please? My e-mail address is sfllaw@gmail.com..