Friday, December 28, 2007

La Cucaracha in MindJolt

The idea of having a widget to do marketing for a game didn't work much; after joining MochiAds to get some revenue from my games, the thing was going a bit slow...
I still haven't lost my hopes on using widgets to do some marketing though but definitely the way to go is to distribute your applications EVERYWHERE.
For the last year I've been building widgets and uploading them into different distributors, trying not to upload the same widget to more than one distributor; however I don't think it was the best option.
The more distributors show your widget, the more users...
Now, going back to the game "La Cucaracha", I decided to send it to some game distributors, including NewGrounds, where the game did so so and I had some views that generated some small profit (around $1 :D )...
A couple of days ago, I got and email from MindJolt telling me that they had accepted my game and after a small amend should go live; I did the changes and the game went live yesterday and...
I had almost 50K views in one day only!
the reason?
MindJolt has a really cool Facebook application where people are encouraged to play games and compete with their friends to see who has the highest score...

that encourages me to keep on developing games, although I shouldn't leave widgets on a side, so the next one will be a game widget! :D

Thanks MindJolt!
and of course, thanks MochiAds!


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