Friday, December 07, 2007

Widget: Roaches

Roaches is a widget I built some time ago and put it on yourminis but didn't think it will be successful at all, however seems like its a bit popular as so far has more than 1200 installs.

I've made some minor updates as the cockroaches were a bit slow but the biggest reason for the update (and for this post) is because this widget has now a new purpose: Marketing.
I've added a small "play game" button as a "call to action" to any person watching at the widget; the widget itself has some sort of interactivity as the cockroaches react to the mouse pointer, but I'm promoting the update of La Cucaracha, a game I made long time ago and these days I've been working on it (but haven't managed to upload the latest update as I cannot connect to my server... :( )
Anyway, here it is:

Might be a bit naughty from me adding something to a widget that has been in the wild for a while but at the end of the day, as soon as my widget doesn't have any sponsor, I'm its owner and I can do the changes I want (changes that won't change much the nature of the widget though).
erm... this of sponsors sounds more like in the gaming industry as when you build a game, you can go to online companies that can buy it from you or sponsor it in any way; I think we are missing this in the widget industry.

Anyway, yes, I'm back to the gaming industry as from last month I started a new job as a Flash Developer for an Online Games company in Central London. As well I moved houses and I haven't got internet at home yet, that's why this blog has been a bit quit these weeks...


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