Thursday, December 28, 2006

in the top 5!

Alex Iskold from AdaptiveBlue, has posted on his blog the top 5 widgets every blogger must have and to my supprise, one of my widgets is in the list!
The post R/WW Christmas - Widgets, not Cheese is mainly a tutorial on how to install and use widgets from widgetbox but has as well many interesting points about the importance and use of web widgets.
I know I promissed not to write about my widgets on this blog, but hey! I'm really exited to know that my Flash mini Digg viewer is a must have!
I'm already working on a 2007 version of it, so if you have any suggestion, I'm all ears (well, eyes...)


1 comment:

Daniel said...

Congrats Ernesto, great job! You're the King of Flash Widgets, I hope you're getting ready to take some ideas to the Apollo platform ;)