Saturday, December 02, 2006

LFPUG November Meeting

6:30pm, Daniel Todd and me said goodbye to all our colleagues at work as both of us were heading to the London Flash Platform Users Group November edition and after a long weekend we both are heading to the Flash On The Beach conference so we won't be at the office for almost a week!
No Flash Developers in the office for almost a week? oh Jesus!
well, is for the good of the company that we are going to all these events as we can apply all our knowledge to the applications we make!
Anyway, we got to Play, the usual pub in Old Street, when the first conference had already started. A great presentation from Adam Robertson on Linux and Flash, where he showed us all the power of the open source technologies and how we can create flash applications, including flex-MXML, using only free open source tools.
After the presentation he gave us a copy of UBUNTU, the most human friendly Linux distribution so far.
A couple of beers later, Stefan Richter gave us a presentation on the new fullScreen features introduced on the new Flash Player 9. Showing us nice examples and good practices on how to use this feature, Stefan closed the November sesion and as usual, all the troop headed to the nearest pub to continue the chat mostly about the big event Flash On The Beach.
Was nice to see you guys and hopefully we will have a great time next week!
I can't wait! :)


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