Saturday, December 30, 2006

My first desktop widget!

Some time ago I asked the guys at the Widgipedia to open a section for web widgets but as the Widgipedia is still in beta, they told me:
Flash widgets are coming soon, as part of our goal to host "the best widgets and gadgets across any platform"
so I continue with my web widgets and put them in Widgetbox.
On the last day at Flash on The Beach I was the lucky winner of a MDM Zinc copy which allows you to create desktop applications from flash including screensavers and WIDGETS!
So I did my very first desktop widget today, after few days trying to understand the tool that for any strange reason doesn't like vector images... and uploaded it to the Widgipedia!

It is a very simple Skype Analogue Clock but I think is cool, specially because is my first desktop widget :)


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