Sunday, September 16, 2007

Widget: Breakout-mini

This is the "widget version" of the Breakout game I did some time ago.
I submitted it to Google Gadgets and I must said, it was again a big pain!
I really thought that it will be easy this time but no way, finding the right page to do all the things its a nightmare, creating the elements and editing the xml file is another big headache...
Anyway, here it is:

if you want to put it on your website, get the code from this page.

Hopefully this widget will be very popular and I will be able to ask Google for $5,000 grant to improve it :)



chespy said...

Wow. Breakout-mini RULES!
It's really nice, great work neto. I hope you get really famous!
Y luego vengas de visita a la Argentina, pinche wei!

Ernesto said...

Thanks my friend.
I can see you are at the top of the score-table!
Wait a couple of days and you will see... :D


Christian said...

Muy bueno. Muy cuidados los detalles y la terminaciĆ³n. Felicitaciones.