Saturday, September 15, 2007

Widget: Mr Who Visitor Teller

I think this is the best widget I have built so far. As explained before, I built this widget for the Clicky competition and we won the first prize.
I mentioned the help from my friend José Peña Pocasangre and in his blog he has a nice post about his approach to the problem and how he created the concept and cool graphics.

The widget shows the latest visitors statistics from your blog or website, collecting the data from Clicky and showing the top 7 of a respective category. The available options to show are:

- visitors top cities
- incoming links
- search engines
- downloads
- operative systems
- visitors top countries
- entrance pages
- web browsers
- search keywords
- exit pages
- pages
- searches
- languages
- screen resolutions
- incoming link domains
- outgoing links

This is an example:

To use it, you would need to register with Clicky, then you can get the widget from Clearspring and put it in your website.

Don't you think is cool? :)


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