Sunday, September 02, 2007

Building desktop widgets with Zinc: Right click

{MDM} Script

I've written another tutorial about Building desktop widgets; I had explained before why I'm using MDM Zinc and what I've done with it so far.

On this new tutorial you will see a bit of the {mdm}Script and a bit more of actionscript as I mention another feature of the ContextMenu class that used before in my post Building flash web widgets: Right click.

I must say there's lots of potential in Zinc, just have a quick look at its documentation and you will know what I mean, specially the {mdm}Script 2.0 API; there are many options from database connectivity to socket communication but the best of it is the support forum where people like Peter Blazejewicz are happy to help you out. I mentioned Peter because his willing to help is just impressive!

If you followed my previous tutorial, go and check this one out as after it you will have a desktop widget ready to distribute.


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