Monday, January 14, 2008

widget: add to favorites flash button

Checking the statistics for Slippery Breakout's new page, I found interesting that some people come directly to the it so I guess they have added the game to their favourites.
I decided that would be good to give the users an option to add it to their favourite websites with a flash button as I've done before and continue my collection of flash button widgets. So far we've got:
- add to delicious
- add to stumble upon
- add to google
- add to netvibes
- add to technorati
- add to bloglines
and the latest one:
- add to favorites!

come on, don't be shy and give it a try:

the cool thing is that it works with both Mozilla Firefox and IExplorer (I shouldn't mention IE but you know... it's still in use... :D )

Let's see how it does and if it manages to get to the Widgipedia top widgets as its "brothers" did ;)



entrepontosevirgulas said...

I like it. Thanks!

Zen said...

Awesome, just when I ran out of games mentioned on google and other blogs, we get this.!

thanks from Nickelodeon Games

Muhamad Arwan said...

Thanks again ...

Every time i visit here, the’re always a good topic, thanks making excellent post.

By nickelodeon games