Saturday, February 24, 2007

Submit to StumbleUpon flash button

I've just uploaded a new WebWidget to Widgipedia: "Submit to StumbleUpon flash button"
Integrate your site with Stumbleupon; Adding this widget allows people to submit a story from your blog or any other personal website to Stumbleupon for others to discover.
StumbleUpon is a great way to find websites that are really interesting for you as they have been submitted to the database into different categories, you subscribe only to the categories you like. It's so addictive that my account is growing thanks to the cool stuff I discover when I "Stumble".

If you already have an account with them and have a blog, why not adding this widget:

Tested already by submitting this page to StumbleUpon!
Get it from Widgipedia.



Basketer said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful widger. When I was googling about it I didnt expect something so cool to show up.

Thanks thanks

kubton said...