Saturday, July 21, 2007

Add to Google Flash Button

Trying out FeedBurner I noticed most of my feed readers are using either iGoogle or Google Reader, products I knew about but never took a close look at them.
I assume many other people are using this two ways to check news on many blogs without going to each blog each time...
so I built this Add to Google flash button widget and uploaded it to Widgipedia, this is the description:

Promote your feed by placing this widget to your website. This will make it easy for people to quickly add your feed right to their Google homepage or Google Reader.

and this is how it looks like:

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To be honest it wasn't that easy to build as there is some crazy php coding behind to get the HTML code from the page that displays the widget, search through it looking for the feed address and as soon as it locates the feed, sends this address to Google...

I hope people find it useful and if you think of a similar widget I should built, just shout ;)


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