Friday, February 17, 2006

February London MMUG

Yesterday was the London MMUGs monthly meeting where we had two great presentations;
In the first one Aral Balkan was showing us why he loves so much Flex 2 and in the second one Vishal Shah gave us an introduction to After Effects.
I have used Premiere Pro for Digital Video Production so I was a bit familiar with the environment and the technical issues on this second presentation; After Effects seems to be a great tool to finalize what it has been done using Premiere Pro (where you can capture video and edit/create small clips & movies)
As usual, after the presentations we went the local pub and had a great time talking to these great people.
Everything started at 6:30ish pm when me and my colleague Daniel Todd left work and went to the meeting where his brother (cool guy) was already there (we were a bit late)
Was very nice to see the guys again, some of them are:
Stephen Buckley
Stephen Downs
Elmer Zinkhann
Richard Leggett &
Emmanuel Okyere
that will be giving a presentation for the London MMUG next month.
With Elmer, Rich and Tink (Stephen D) we finished at 1ish or so? don't remember to be honest...
oh happy life!


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