Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Vertical Shooter tutorial in!

Today Kirupa Chinnathambi wrote me an e-mail telling me he added my tutorial in
Im very happy as is my first tutorial published in kirupa where Im learning a lot from its tutorials and forums. There are tutorials about almost everything you would like to know if you are in the new media field: Web Technologies, Graphics and Motion, Swift 3D, Flash... and many more things!

Loading Movies is my first tutorial in English and was published two years ago in
and Creating a Vertical Shooter is my second tutorial in English published just today!
I hope it helps.

Thanks Kirupa!


Sombra said...

hello, how are you? im from portugal... :)

Anonymous said...


I have been working on your vertical shooter Kirupa tutorial but am having some issues. First off, I am working in Flash 8 and it says the following line of code has an error regarding the > symbol.

if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT) && spriteX<510)>40) {

Second, my sprite only moves to the left no matter which arrow key I press.

Third, I added the code for the "arrow" and now nothing works!

What do I do?

Please respond with any advice/solutions you can offer.

Thank you!

Ernesto said...

the script is wrong and should read:
if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT) && spriteX<510) {

instead. Sorry about it. If you check the tutorial on this blog, you will see the right script.


tezzmosis said...

hey, i LOVED your tutorial, ive done my best at making it as custom and unlike your original as possible. now id like to implement some animation when the enemy is hit, (blood splash) as well as create different levels and things. and ive hit a brick wall. ive spoken with a few people and had a few suggestions that ive tested and nothings worked. ive been trying to track down the person that created the tutorial because youll know your coding best. do you think youd be able to lend a hand? if so i would GREATLY appreciate it. my email is, thanks in advanced.