Saturday, February 18, 2006

Firefox extensions for web developers

Firefox add-ons
First of all, I would recommend to use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser instead of Internet Explorer as it has lots of features that makes it better
Some of these features are the extensions and if you are a web developer, I would advice you to use at least the following two:
IE Tab Firefox Extension that allows you to switch to iexplorer (embedding it in your firefox) and see how iexplorer users will see your website
remember that most of your clients use iexplorer as they dont know the Firefox benefits
Web Developer that adds a menu and a toolbar with web developers tools, this one is really useful when developing large scale websites

There are more extensions that are very useful as well but the two above are a must have if web development is your field.

And if you have a gmail account, gmail notifier is the one to use and gmail space if in case you need to have files handily without carrying any external drive



Waleska said...

Hello Mr. Quezada. well actually i just installed this advice and i can tell it is wonderful, a great tool for us as you already know, thanks for the advice. :) cheers

Bruno said...

Hello Miss Waleska (Medrano?), Im glad you find it useful; At work when updating that very big websites, without these extensions would take me ages!

take care,