Wednesday, August 02, 2006

behind the scenes

I'm here! behind the scenes!
and no, is not a new web 2.0 product.

After getting many emails from my friends, inviting me to use this or that trendy web tool, I've been wondering what's going on with me?
I mean, most of my friends are using day after day the internet and the "web 2.0" applications (that term is funny for me),, hi5, mySpace, etc... but myself, a guy that loves all this stuff, working on the field, is not using any of these tools! well, not using them as often as I would like to...

For instance, this blog; I haven't posted much recently and is because I've been busy creating web applications!

so, the tools the people out there are using, I haven't had the time to play with them as I've been there "behind the scenes" creating them. Not that I'm doing "web 2.0" stuff though but web applications in general what is in fact, very time consuming.

I would love to have the time to try and use all that stuff, posting my photos in any flickr like website, etcetera, but I just don't have the time.

Well, time to go and continue with the real life...


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