Saturday, August 26, 2006

LFPUG August meeting

What a great meeting we had last thursday!
I thought we would celebrate the Flash 10th anniversary but no-one even mentioned the subject (only me :P). Anyway, we met at Play, a club located in Old Street area, London, for the 3rd meeting of the London Flash Platform Users Group.
After a delay due to technical problems with the projector, Andrew Shorten from Adobe gave us a presentation called "Building Killer Desktop RIAs: Adobe’s Next Generation Technology". The presentation was really good and made me dream about the million of possibilities that are to come with the new APOLLO.
After the presentation, there was the biggest session of questions and answers I have ever seen in these sort of presentations!
Andrew even asked Tink (Users Group Director) if he should continue answering questions because of the time... the naughty answer from Tink: "we have the place until 2am..."
The second presentation was given by a London based digital agency called Glue-London who showed us many cool stuff they have done using video and flash, something I would call "online-interactive-videos".
After the presentations, I had the chance to talk with old friends and meet new people like Juan Delgado who I knew before from different Spanish speaking flash forums.
A bit drunk and very happy went back home at about 2am.
The only bad thing of the night was that my friend Simon, had his bike stolen just outside of the club.
As usual, I'm looking forward to going to the next meeting.


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