Sunday, September 24, 2006

Flash is following me!

call it paranoia, coincidence or big brothers eye!
The other day my partner and me went for a walk and just down the road we found this lovely pub. What do you think was the first thing in my mind?
oh God! so many years in love with this tool and I can still remember when the pink colour was associated with flash, 4 and 5...
So, for me, that's the flash logo and is staring at me!


LEX-EX said...

¿Inmensa nostalgia verdad?
Yo me inicie con el Flash 5.
Pero bueno este sentimiento es algo que solo otro flashero puede comprender... snif, snif...

Ernesto said...

Lex-ex said: "huge nostalgia, isn't it? I started with flash 5. But this feeling is something that only another "flasher" can understand... snif, snif..."

I still remember when I used to visit and learning how to use setProperty & getProperty :)
or tellTarget and stuff
oh wow!
and flash is still following me! :D

eokyere said...

brilliant! :)

-- eokyere :)