Friday, September 29, 2006

Skypeweb bug

Reading the SkypeWeb developer notes, I have confirmed that only and if only I have my computer on, the SkypeWeb server will be able to get my status and then will create the respective XML, image and text.
I think is a bug because from my point of view, my computer doesn't need to be on to allow the SkypeWeb servers to detect my status.
well, the XML I'm using to get my online status and show it in a flash movie, is created "upon request" but if the computer is off, the SkypeWeb server can not create any XML as no data was collected from my computer, therefor it returns an old XML, the last one generated that might be wrong.
I'm wondering why is not created in such way that if no data is retrieved then generates an XML showing the "offline" option...

Thanks to altrove and chespi for their feedback and help on this matter.
And please guys at the Skype forums, do you mind confirming this issue?
Is Skypeweb still beta?


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chespio said...

you're welcome neto, is always a honor for my feedback your "ocurrencias" (...)