Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Desktop widget: CPU usage

I need feedback on one of my latest desktop widgets.
This standalone desktop widget for windows doesn't require installation. The following description is taking from the widgipedia where the widget is hosted:
Bars and numbers showing the percentage of your CPU Usage. No installation needed. Stays on top of all other windows allowing you to see the resources request from different applications. Press Esc key to close it.
One person has left his feedback saying it doesn't work; so please if you can try it and leave comments about it either here or on its webpage telling me whether it works or not, would be really appreciated.



Mr Penapoca said...

mira widget... and mac users?

Ernesto said...

mira mac users...
I actually haven't tried but I guess is possible to create an hqx file (similar to .exe for windows) with MDM Zinc.
I will do some tests as I'm sure my boss will ask me the same :)
in the meantime, the original and best widgets out there: