Sunday, January 14, 2007

widgets: yeah, I changed my mind...

more than a month ago, I wrote "My widgets on widgetbox" where I said I wouldn't write about my widgets on this blog anymore.

Well, actually I changed my mind as I have decided to continue writing about them and is because of many reasons:
- Feedback: I can get feedback, comments, suggestions and requests
- QA: To test them and to see how they look like when published on a blog
- Incompatibility: Some of the widgets I've done or updated are not compatible with widgetbox
- Promotion: I want my widgets to be used by other people so I need to let people know about them
- Personal: To use my blog :P (writing is a good habit and specially for me as English is not my mother tongue...)

so, to catch up I will write a short list of the web widgets I've done and I haven't mentioned here:
- Mini hotlist: shows hotlist from the homepage
- Flash Date Calendar: simple flash calendar with digital clock
- Firefox Digital Clock: firefox download counter and digital clock
- Digital Time and Date: simple digital clock and date (74 subscriptions so far)
- Flash web counter: website visits counter (123 subscriptions so far)

So far, I have submited 9 web widgets to widgetbox and all of them are doing well; I have many more ideas but haven't got the time but from now on, I will continue writing about them here on my blog.


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