Monday, July 30, 2007

Widget: Radial Clock

Last weekend I was experimenting a bit more with different ways to display the time, again working with clocks using Tweener and a bit of Maths and this is one of the widgets I did, the Radial Clock has similar idea to my Squares Clock but tweening the time units in a radial way similar to an analogue clock. I've used the ChangeColour AS2 class to show the rollOver state of a button that links to this blog.

As you can see, this time I've added it to the yourminis website, and it's the first widget I've uploaded over there. To my surprise, few hours later, the clock had been cloned! of course immediately I wrote an email to yourminis letting them know about it... later on I realized that "cloning" widgets is actually a feature in the yourminis platform called "remix".
I'm a bit jealous with my widgets and didn't find it funny though... :P

Well, it was interesting trying a new widget platform, maybe another day I will write something about my experience using the different platforms I've used so far.


// --- Edit ---
It seems like yourminis doesn't exist any more. The widget shown here is powered by Widgipedia.


Gary B. said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't like our remix functionality... I do like your clock though - and hope that you will continue to create additional widgets with!

Vish..! said...

Man..! u got a treasure in here...

Ernesto said...

@Gary, definitely I will add more widgets to yourminis; as a flash developer, I'm excited about the whole yourminis platform, now that I found all the documentation in the flash help, will be easier for me to build something better. I need to study it though... :)

@Vish..! thanks for your comment