Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Widget Challenge winner

Having built some widgets for Widgetbox, three weeks ago I've got an email from them inviting me to participate in the BIG Widget Challenge which was a contest organized by Freewebs and Widgetbox.
So, I did this Flash widget that takes information from the United States Geological Survey's Earthquake Hazards Program; this info is partly presented using Google Maps thanks to a component developed by AFComponents, and the rest of the info is presented in an info box which has a couple of animations made with the tweener class.

The contest winner has been officially announced at the WidgetCon 2007 website, so, I'm proud to say that I won the contest!.

If you want to have a look at the widget click here.


1 comment:

Rup said...

Hi Ernesto,
I have had a look at your "Moving Earth" widget : congratulations for the prize, your work is beautiful, I am really impressed.

Now, to make your widget into a fully-fledged service, this is what I would suggest you could add :
- statically continent of interest, or whole world
- statically select magnitude of interest (from ... to ...)
- statically select dates of interest (from ... to ...)

Depending on how you use, some of these options may not be possible. However, I hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers, keep up the great work,

PS : this would be nice on my blog - I have no commercial interests for the use of you widget :-)