Friday, August 17, 2007

And the widget winner is...

(title stolen from Daniel Todd's blog)

I mentioned before, I had built a widget for my new addiction and actually submitted it to a competition at:

Clicky Web Analytics

guess what?

It was announced today at the Clicky blog; now I will tell you my secret on this one:
The concept and graphics were made by José Peña Pocasangre, a great Art Director based in Barcelona, Spain.
I told my friend "Penapoca" about the competition and immediately he started thinking about a concept, couple of days later he sent me the cool graphics and I just put them in flash, pulled the data from Clicky, added some animations and voila! a nice and customizable widget was in the way to the competition... the rest is history...

Thanks Clicky for the support! :D

Hopefully soon the widget will be available for distribution and definitely I will add it here to show you some of this website's statistics.


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