Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OT: Goodbye "sponsors"

I remember when I started "blogging" I decided not to add any sort of adds as I thought they looked bad, they wouldn't add any good to my blog and anyway I didn't have many visits... nowadays I've got some more visits (more than a couple of thousands monthly) and even though I still think adds look bad, after reading so many stories about people who make money from them I decided to give them a try so I could pay a proper server to host all my experiments and make more interesting stuff mixing more technologies (PHP - MySQL - Flash) because at the moment I've got a very basic account without access to a database and millions of .txt files for some of my widgets users to store specific data (ie counters).

For about two months or so I tried an affiliate program and added some banners to the blog expecting some of my readers will click on them and buy some stuff...
It happened that they clicked on the banners a couple of times but never bought anything, I guess it was because they where about UK based companies and most of my visitors are from other places.

Today I've decided to say goodbye to these "sponsors" as I didn't get any penny from them :D and I'm only leaving the old and worse looking Google adSense.

With that one is another story, I added it a couple of months ago and still don't understand why it shows some funny adds, not related at all with what I write about...
I remember about a couple of weeks ago when I was about to say goodbye to them as well, someone clicked on one of the links and I got my first $0.15, then I decided to leave them, I don't know how long for as so far I have earned less than $0.50! :D

Well, anyway, affiliate programs are not for me, the banners where really annoying so I'm happy I got rid of them :)


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