Monday, August 13, 2007

a widget for my new addiction

I do accept it, I've got a new addiction:
Clicky Web Analytics

There are many tools out there to check out your website's statistics and most of them offer you the same options, however, Clicky has something that really makes checking statistics an addiction: the Clicky spy.
Of course my website doesn't have the traffic Clicky does but still I can check in real time who's visiting me and what my visitors are doing...
It's really cool to see how my visitors jump from page to page internally and click on external links, etc.

Another cool thing is that Clicky has its own API so developers can play with it an create widgets or similar stuff and these days they are running a contest for widgets developers; of course I've submitted a widget that I hope I will be using here as soon as the guys at Clicky allow me (I guess until they decide the contest winners, the submitted widgets should remain "hidden").

We will see how it goes :)

Click here to check a table with the differences between Clicky and "the other guys"



Mr Penapoca said...

Congratulations Gato!

Let's keep the good work together

and remember...There are things known and things unknown and in between is Mr WHO.

mhelvin said...
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mhelvin said...

Wow! Great Blog Bro, keep this up and you'll be flying away... I love this widget thingy you posted... Hope I can get great stuffs and ideas from you again...

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