Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bird Flu Games

Last year I did a couple of games about the Bird Flu, the first one is Birds Flu [vaccinating]
and the main difference between this and the second one is that this one is more Birds friendly, for people who like Birds and don't want to hurt them

And for the people that don't care too much about the birds, Birds Flu [exterminating]. For some people is better not to take risks...

Something weird happened, last year when I showed the games to my friends in different forums, at work, university... they liked the second one best, but when I submitted them few days ago to newGrounds, the online gamers considered the second one to be the worst one!
With those reviews I think my days in newGrounds as a game developer have finished.
This only showes me that there are different markets out there, one is the ocasional gamers like most of us, and the other is the "hardcore" gamers; they are not my market though...
Anyway, some reviews are really useful and Im learning a lot from them, as I am not a gamer myself, I didn't know what the gamers were expecting, now at least I have a clue! hehe


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