Friday, January 27, 2006

No more university for me!

Last year I started studying a Master Degree in Digital Media here in London. I meet cool people and had great lessons with great lecturers.
The modules I took are:
- New Media Management, where I learnt a lot about how to deal with a project from its pre-production to its post-production, managing all the resources including people and technologies.
- E-Solutions and Digital Media Applications, full of new stuff related to the new media field from different perspectives; this subject made think for a moment that Flash is not that great... good job that was only for a moment!
- 3D animation for multimedia, funny that made me respect a lot Alias Maya but at the same time let me a bit scared and excited about all this 3D world, scared of the software (Maya) as is really big! BTW, my last project is available from: and of course, is Maya integrated with Flash
- Principles of Digital Media, today I handed in my last project, was about Flash and its usability and accessibility issues; apart from that was nice to know where the pixels are coming from (binary) RGB colours and other stuff; a bit of Director (didn't like it though...), Photoshop, etc
- Principles of Game Design, my favourite, creating Methods (functions) using Flash OOP, history of the games (online, console, mobile...) was just great! that's why all the stuff in this blog so far is about games
- Digital Video Production, for a moment I regreted I took this module and not Designing for the web (Dreamweaver, CSS and stuff), but when I managed to understand Adobe Premiere Pro, I started filming everywhere! ask the people at the London MMUG... nice experience, the main actor of my short film was always calling me "Spielberg" (I think Juan Sanches was more excited than me!)

Well, now just the last bit, the final Digital Project that I did already! but I haven't done the disertation that goes with it. I have untill May to hand it in.
What a good time I had!

Thanks classmates, teachers and specially the Senior Lecturer of the course Ms. E. Moschini!



Anonymous said...

congratulations for you "wei" !
best regards and happy new job !

Bruno said...

thank you very much mr anonymous :)