Thursday, January 19, 2006

Interstellar Storm

The story of this game goes back to 2002, when my friend Yacsha started developing the grandfather of this game... we worked together on the game, but after these years we forgot about it.
In 2005, I found the .fla and made some changes, different graphics, different options... and 3 days ago, I put it in newgrounds.
Good and bad feedback tell me, gamers want more!

The scoretable doesn't work from newgrounds but from my website it does:


yacsha said...

excelent graphics you put to my old asteroid game ;-)

Ernesto said...

hey Yacsha!
very nice to see you again!
well, about the game, as I said, your script is the grandFather of mine as you can see on this link that I posted a year ago.
Hey, at the end of the day, a vertical shooter is a vertical shooter and there are thousands of them out there, I wouldn't say that are coming from "my old game" and I mention your name as the 50 lines of your code were the base for mine that has hundreds...
well, anyway, nice to see you!