Saturday, February 10, 2007

Flash Counter Widget goes coloured

The Flash Web Counter
widget has found a wide acceptance in the Widgetbox users community.
Shown in the top rated list as the highest rated is a big honour for me and from the 10 widgets I have uploaded to Widgetbox, is by far the one with more subscriptions.
One of its goodness is the small control panel where you can reset the counter to any convenient number and from today its possible as well change the counters background colour!

There is a number of files involved in the process for this widget to work:
- The flash counter itself
- An individual text file for each counter to store number of visits and selected colour (one text file per user)
- A php file that gets the current value of the counter and adds one more visit when required
- The Flash Control Panel
- A php file to get and set the values of both colour and number of visits.

All these 5 files have been updated today in order to have the option of changing the counters background colour. I know it would have been better to have a MySQL database instead of the hundreds of single text files I have currently but my hosting plan is very basic...

Anyway, don't be shy and leave your comments-feedback here ;)

1 comment:

S+eo said...

nice counter but it seems not really realistic.

If you refresh the page, it consider that it's a new visit.