Sunday, February 18, 2007

Game: Blitzkrieg - Lightening War

I was following a tutorial on Creating a Vertical Shooter that I wrote a while back (more than a year ago)
- creating-vertical-shooter-part-I
- creating-vertical-shooter-part-II
- creating-vertical-shooter-part-III
When I wrote it, I made Pawel and the Flying Dragons; this time I made a new game:
Blitzkrieg - Lightening War

The actionscript I used is basically the same, just changed the graphics and added a couple of things like a shotgun and an enemys bomb. This is a probe that any script can be re-used and it has to be made thinking about it, some basic rules in Object Oriented Programming (Polymorphism and Inheritance).

The scoretable is almost empty so, go for it ;)

PD: Don't ask me what's that of a tank shooting anti-aircraft, hey! at least this time there are no flying dragons...

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