Friday, February 23, 2007

LFPUG February 07 meeting

lfpug0207-01, originally uploaded by Ernesto Quezada.

Alias Cummins presenting at the London Flash Platform Users Group meeting last night.

We had two great presentations yesterday night; the first one, Alias showed us some cool stuff he has done experimenting with filters, bitmaps, and some other classes. He explained us how all this special filters and stuff comes from the same root: Perlin noise. In the end he showed us some code that looks simple but complex at the same time, using Maths and other crazy stuff.

The second presentation was in hands of Dan Thomas on Apollo. After explaining us some things about the legendary Apollo soon to be released (hopefuly), there was a debate about how good is Apollo and why should anyone choose it instead of for example JAVA? I think Emmanuel raised a good point when saying we are following too much Adobes press that even we are doing much more marketing than them. Very true!
Anyway, for desktop applications, I preffer to continue using MDM Zinc, a much more mature tool to develop desktop RIAs.

And the best part of the meeting, for me of course, I was AGAIN the lucky winner of a book!
This time is Richard Leggett's FLASH APPLICATIONS FOR MOBILE DEVICES that of course I started reading already.

Thanks Richard for the personalized autograph!


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