Thursday, February 01, 2007

Widget: Thunderbird Contact Form

I just uploaded a new web widget on Widgetbox.
from its page:
A simple contact form that promotes Mozilla Thunderbird. Let your visitors contact you giving them the option of sending you messages or get your contact details, ie mobile phone number and email address.
If you want to contact me, test it from here but as well I invite you to go and test it from Widgetbox

Available from:
Yes, I use Mozilla Thunderbird and this is my tribute to it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ernesto,

thanks for the widget. The idea is great, but the design is very special and doesn't fit to my site style. Is there a way you could add a "non-designed" version? Just plain simple white with entry boxes would be perfect.
Greetings from Germany

gig schedule said...

yes, this is exactly what i was looking for as well...i just wish there was a plain design ...